Laboratory for Material Texture

Functional Materials

I. Highly twinned Cu films

For interconnect materials , twin boundaries offer high electrical conductivity and high mechanical strength at the same time. Recently, nano-twin coppers were synthesized by using a pulsed electrodeposition technique from an electrolyte of CuSO4. We propose the application of EBSD to investigate the twin structure of deposited Cu.

(a) IPF mapping
(b) OIM mapping (blue: grain boundaries with isorientation > 5° and red: twin boundaries with <111> 60°
(c) {220} pole figure of the electrodeposited copper

II. Ferromagnetic shape memory alloy of Fe-Pd

Ferromagnetic shape memory alloy can be applied in sensor and actuator. It can be used to supply the desirable strain to devices or the device could convert the external pressure signal into electric signal for further processes. We produce Fe-Pd thin films and bulk materials.